Social distancing has led me to have some truly meaningful moments with my friends. Many of us Type A personalities are driven by so many factors: professional ambition, life goals, societal pressures and even our own inner demons push us in a forward trajectory, but maybe not in a positive way.

Talking over FaceTime and sharing mutual coping methods, I realized that social distancing has caused some shifts in my priorities for the better. I have always put relationships and people first. It’s at the forefront of my personal mission and the feeling is also the directions of both my companies. They are social impact driven goals that give me purpose.

The focus has never been on myself. Personal focus has always been last, even when the first thing I do when I wake up is push my health to new limits at the gym, even though it’s my first accomplishment of the day. However, there’s a disconnect. The intensity is there, but not a with the reasons why I am there or even what the benefits are and what the end results will be. I was moving through the motions of everything and just ticking off what was on my personal and professional checklist.

Before I share my shifted checklist, I think it’s more important to share that they mean nothing, if you aren’t feeling fulfilled in the process of achieving them. So now let’s get to my new list.

Rising In the Morning

Meditation: Starting with being thankful, whether that involves prayer or meditation, I am just thankful, and the mantra I have begun repeating is “Peace, Joy, Happiness” I do it before I get up and put my feet to the ground.

Stretching: Even if it’s just for five minutes, the last month I have been stretching when I get up and it’s just the kindest thing you can do for your body. It’s a gentle waking up of my muscles and especially when you combined it with the next thing.

Hydration: Didn’t realize this would make my checklist, but it really makes me feel immediately refreshed and awake. Water with a bit of ice and hot tea is pretty much life.

A Workout

So, if you know me, this has been an essential part of my life for so many years, especially given that I’ve struggled with weight for the most of my life, topping the scales at 375lbs. Being indoors has been hard. My workouts have been the very first thing I start my day with. 5:30am training sessions and often times doing double sessions three to four days a week.

The realization was that I honestly wasn’t always fulfilled or experiencing a muscle mind connection. I checked the box daily. Every day and all I ended with was that I didn’t do enough. Now I have no access to gym facilities. I am making fitness choices that lead me to feeling accomplished. Body weight movements and biking have been really fulfilling.

So, checklist items for health could be any of the above, I try and do them all:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Bodyweight Cardio
  • Jumping Rope
  • Walk outside

Walking the Dog:

I am really blessed to have two furry, family members and walking them has changed from an obligation to a moment of fresh air before I begin the day. I take more time with walking the dogs and it’s become a relaxing part of my morning.


It is important to take nourishment. I have never really leaned on a heavy meal. I typically drink a really, great protein shake and start to take in my day.

Work Time

This checklist has even taken some new turns. I am not workhorse driven. It isn’t just about the projects. I take pauses. I laugh with my chosen family and take lunch with my boyfriend. I have coffee time with my best friend, and I love cooking dinner for everyone. I love these moments so much, that I have now made them a part of my day. In no order, try adding some of these to your work day lists.

Reading Moment – I sometime learn for the sake of the project, now I’m trying to take in knowledge for the enjoyment of it.

Coffee with a friend – totally can make this on a Zoom

Lunch – I really enjoy making it day of. I typically prep my meals for the week and I don’t truly enjoy them.

End of Day

So, I would linger before I end my day. Now I have reasons for a hard stop. The real truth is this time has served to show me how important it is to take pause and put life into every act. I hope this list helps you to put life into your daily work life, as we walk through this I hope you can put that into everything you do.

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