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The Hands Hold The Key To The Truth


A pure hand needs no glove to cover it. – Nathaniel Hawthorne

You can tell a lot from looking at someone’s hands. If you see someone with hard calloused hands, that usually means they do more hands on work. they would be considered a blue-collar worker, or they do heavy lifting of some sort. Someone with softer hands would be considered a white collar worker. You can tell if someone pampers themselves or prefers to use their money on other things. You can tell if someone is lying or feels uncomfortable by looking at the position of their hands. By looking at a person’s hands you will know if they ever had a heart problem. Your hands are an open portal to your soul.
Charles Bierk is an amazing photorealistic painter that brings light to these overlooked prehensile endings of limbs. When you click the link and view Bierk’s creations I want you to think about what those hands are saying to you. What do you visualize those hands doing? Why does he/she hold their hands at such an irregular angle? Why did Bierk choose to paint these hands? Are you ready to have your mind blown? Click here and enter into the souls attached to these beautifully drawn hands



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