When the incomparable Rha Goddess reached out to me to become a part of her book launch “The Calling” I could not have been more honored.
We have nurtured a friendship built on arming our community to be their best selves, to take down obstacles that we build inside ourselves.

So being a part of the Stay True, portion of the book tour moved my own internal dialogue forward in a real way. Take a minute to see my portion of the digital summit.

I feel Most alive when I am advocating for others.


About The book:

The Calling represents the culmination of over 30 years of Rha’s frontline experience in supporting change agents from all walks of life in reaching for and realizing their true purpose and potential in a way that is both profitable and impactful. From the top woman in the world in Aerospace to a Warrior woman in a Battered Women’s Shelter on the Lower East Side, The Calling is a transformative guide written for those who know that they are here to do and be more in this world. Organized around the 3 fundamental commitments: Stay True.Get Paid.Do Good., this book addresses the deep seated concerns that often plague our society and personally challenge our ability to show up for the things in our life and our world that really matter.  


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