The Life

Pedro “Peter” J. Pozo Jimenez


The way I’ll always remember him.

In Newark, if you know the right people, the stylish and tastemakers of the city, they will take you to a place out of a Gatesby novel. You will walk into a hidden garden overflowing with flowers and laughter.

Gorgeous women and men will nod and bid you welcome as you walk into a richly appointed salon.

The sound of music and singing will merge seamlessly with the laughter of men and the sound of lighters. The air will smell sweet and smoke will wisp through the air mingling with the perfume of some of the most influential women in the city of Newark.

Walking deeper into this space, the bar will appear magically with a sartorial bartender behind it, will tempt you with all kinds of specialty cocktails. He’ll wink and you’ll have committed to a brand-new experience in liquor.

There is a dark glamour to this establishment. The elite, the politicians and artist are all mingling in it and the energy there is on another level.

As you scan the room more, you will see a man, dressed to the nines and smiling so easily and readily to all who enter the space.

The man in the dark suit with a cocktail in hand is one of the gracious owners of Jimenez, a family business of proud Cuban heritage. Peter is a friend to all, an unparalleled curator of everything fine. They do not make men like Peter anymore. He is the rare breed of gentleman you only read about in books or see in classic silver screen movies.

The charm you are witnessing my friend, the charm is something to aspire to. He holds people in confidence in such an easy way. You were always his friend.

He sits on the steps of the family business and gives laughter and dispenses wisdom, while a band performs an amazing song in the back room. And that is what you are looking at a king of the city, being manganous in his kingdom.

On April 30th Newark lost a legend, there is no goodbye in me. I will just keep the visual I have seen year after year of Peter laughing and putting his arm around another guest of the house. I will continue to smell the sweet smoke of the famous Jimenez cigars, the sound of clinking glasses and the music that always plays into the night.

The password is and always will be Jimenez

To plant a beautiful memorial tree in memory of Pedro J. Pozo, please visit our Tribute Store.

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The Style


All shots by the amazing @pharoahrex

This would be the first time I ever shot in my own home and it was amazing to have Rex as the photographer. It was about capturing something broody and textured, to style a suit with Timberlands, which is a part of the Brooklyn Uniform. I enjoyed the entire process of composing the shots and love that my favorite Rescue Pitti, Layla Jayne made an appearance.

I like to call myself a ruffian in a suit and these shots capture that feeling.

Shot Details

Suit: Perry Ellis
Tattoo: Kirk Nilsen at Crown & Anchor Tattoo
Watch: Fossil
Tunic: Zara
Handmade Kentucky Straight Bourbon WhiskyLiquor: MakersMark

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To Newark, With Love. From Newark, With Love

To Newark with Love, Ryarmo Photography Studios


Ryan, is a fellow Brooklynite, entrepreneur, client, and friend. We connected on so many things, but the one that brought us together was our passion for our dreams and our great love of Newark. I sat down with Ryan for a Webex edition of From Newark With Love.

Listen to the whole story:

How did you begin your business?

RyArMo  Photography Studio is the 10+ year evolution of a  disgruntled wall streeter using photography as a means of escapism during the 08’ financial crisis to an incorporated full-service commercial photography studio/flex use space dedicated creative placemaking. Photographic capture started off as escape from reality to becoming  reality! Ryan Arnez Monroe (the person) and RyArMo Photography Studio (the brand) exist in a symbiosis unimaginable ten years prior.

I’ve always had a love of photography! I developed skill by “doing” and being prodigious in my desire to refine my skill/capture over time; this coupled with my  business acumen (as a former wall streeter) has afforded me the ability to turn a passion into an income earning business that empowers others economic endeavors directly or indirectly.

Did you engage Newark prior to choosing this City ?

Yes; my first two connects prior to relocation was with Jeremy Johnson (Executive Director of Newark Arts) and Aisha Glover (Former CEO of NCEDC, Current CEO of Newark Alliance); proactive outreach to these two fine folks has proven to be the best strategic decisions I’ve made as it pertains  to the sustainability/long term viability of RyArMo Photography Studio full stop!

Why Newark ?

I’ll answer your question with a question: Why Not Newark? 

Where to begin..?? Newark is a transit connected, culturally rich community that is a hotbed of creativity. Newark is a gritty city that rewards determined innovators who choose to set their own path/lane with conviction and purpose; there is honestly no better place (at least in the NYC Metro Area) more advantageous to create from than Newark at current.

What would you say you are bringing to our chosen city?

A different narrative! Newark has been a blessing to me in all aspects; I feel a deep sense of honor to be in Newark and a sincere desire to do my part to make sure other black/brown men see a model of positivity & perseverance – even in struggle/adversity that we all have to cope with in various forms.

In relocating and setting up RyArMo Photography Studio I’ve discovered the importance of building it first without fear while building it right with compassion/drive/integrity/purpose!

From Newark, With love Ryan Arnez Monroe, Owner/Creative Director of
Ryarmo Photography Studios

Describe Ryarmo Photography  Studio.

RyArMo Photography Studio is a full-service commercial photography studio that provides flex use space for creative placemaking space for rental to other artists/creatives/entrepreneurs.

RyArMo Photography Studio occupies a formerly abandoned auto repair facility that has been purposefully rehabbed into a space that has become a mini anchor institution of creativity/positivity in the Lower Broadway Section of Newark.

RyArMo Photography Studio is a special place that you just have to walk through our red doors to understand what it’s all about, there is  a vibe/energy that is bigger than my presence and stewardship as the Owner/Creative Director that is hard to articulate into words. I can say that my space is unique and welcome all who are interested in a visit..just reach out!

Connect with Ryan on:
on IG @rymothephotoguy

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To Newark, With Love. From Newark, With LoveUncategorized

From Newark with Love, David Oquendo


The amazing part of the work I do every day is creating access for my community. My sharespace, =SPACE is meant to spotlight our innovation in so many different industries despite being underfunded, underrepresented and having the odds stacked against us. We persevere not in spite of the realities, but because we are beautiful as a people.

In my time in Newark, I have partnered with every art institution and collective, the intention has been so clear, to support creatives of my chosen city because they are the heartbeat and social conscious of Newark.

The work of David Oquendo is rooted in language, he has created a letter system influenced by Textualis Quadrata with hints of Eastern Kufic and Hebrew calligraphy. David shares so much of himself in his work and shows his affinity towards stoicism. It was amazing to work with him and prepare a beautiful show at =SPACE, “Amor Fati” is an exhibition that showcases the breadth of David’s work.

“Amor Fati”, loosely translates to “Love of Fate”; Amor Fati is used to describe an attitude in which one sees everything that happens in one’s life, including suffering and loss, as good or, at the very least, necessary. Oquendo has developed a personally constructed script.

He calls this writing system, “Metaphrase”. This “Metaphrase” is a series that includes large-scale wall renderings (indoor and outdoor) and mixed media paintings. The artwork explores the artist’s ideas and questions of identity, language, meditation, religion, and life.

Oquendo is steering his work to align with his beliefs and practice of Stoicism and positive affirmations that help him make incremental progress in his life and with his struggles with depression, suicidal thoughts, and his disability. Amor Fati is the practice of loving everything that happens and seeing all circumstances as a chance to grow. Not just accepting it, nor simply tolerating it, but leaning into it. As a Latinx individual, there’s no other way to live.

The part that we have to play in David’s work is in supporting his art, by becoming patrons, purchasing is a way of investing in our Artists, it is also a way to empower their art. So come to =SPACE and experience the work in Amor Fati, follow David online, or become a patron!

David Oquendo
David Oquendo Website

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