Tips for Doing Your Nails: never be afraid of color


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The Style

Style Story: The Traveler



As an Entrepreneur & Creative Director, I often have to make several meetings, be on set, work at a strategies sessions and go for a client dinner, all in one day/night, this truly involves being ready to move, to travel. I enjoy doing so as the embodiment of my brand, while staying true to my comfort and mood of the day. What you are seeing is my ideal travel wear, what I know I can be confident in whether speaking to investors, presenting concepts for a sign off, or having a glass of wine in the evening with my client. This is my ideal travel garb.



 No matter what at some point of assembling my look I always incorporate a hat, there is something about a hat that is not only protective but evokes a bit of privacy and personal space for me.




There will always be a place for Timberland boots for me, it is like they are my Uggs.



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