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This is what I’m falling for on the internets and I just want to share with you Champs.

1. Fashion

GQ does an amazing job covering the fashion legacy of Little Richard, the architect of Rock n Roll and sensational performer.

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2. Design

TAOA, led by architect Tao Lei, designed a home with varying layers of transparent materials, allowing you to take in the breathtaking views.

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3. Business

It is all about the visual platforms and according to Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini “Every trend that you’re seeing is originating on TikTok.. Read more about the future of social and sports on Business Insider

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4. Tech

File under “What in the…” Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla is reopening his car factory in defiance of the stay at home order according to the Verge.

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5. Music

On May 9th the living legends in a versus battle were Erykah Badu & Jill Scott , it was everything I needed and more, check out’s coverage of each round. In my opinion it wasn’t about winning, it was about coming together.

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6. Culture

The Culture lost a titan with the passing of Andre Harrell, Denene Millner, writes about the man, the connector and force on BET. This is the man who brought you Jodeci, Mary J Blige, who had a young intern turned living legend, Diddy. Take a moment to read more about a pioneer in the industry.

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The Creative

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This is what I’m falling for on the internets and I just want to share with you Champs.

1. Fashion

Nike Air Fear of God, is back and its triple black. So amazing!  Jerry Lorenzo is bringing them back in this new color variation and it is The Win.

2. Design

Huseo an amazing design & animation studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina did an amazing rebrand for BITT. It is an excellent example for creating a modular system.

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3. Business

Maneet Ahuja goes in-depth on the Paycheck Protection Program that was supposed to help small businesses hit by COVID-19. As the owner of two small businesses, the grants and support that were supposed to help us are truly going to those with the best connections.

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4. Tech

Do you know who Ashley Boone Jr is? I didn’t until I read Scott Feinberg’s article for The Hollywood Reporter, the first black president of a major Hollywood studio he is the man who helped George Lucas make Star Wars!

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5. Music

I really learned so much about Mike Dean who is a dope musical creative “Panda”, and most of Kanye’s work! During this last month, he has been producing work that is fresh and new. Take a read of a great article written by Max Cea for

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6. Culture

The Urban Daily by D.L. Chandler writes about Drakes “Toosie Slide” Hits 1 billion on Tiktok. This further solidifies that Tiktok as the platform for all things on the cusp of trending. It is a culture solidifier and the go-to for content creators right now.  #toosieslide

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From Newark with Love, David Oquendo


The amazing part of the work I do every day is creating access for my community. My sharespace, =SPACE is meant to spotlight our innovation in so many different industries despite being underfunded, underrepresented and having the odds stacked against us. We persevere not in spite of the realities, but because we are beautiful as a people.

In my time in Newark, I have partnered with every art institution and collective, the intention has been so clear, to support creatives of my chosen city because they are the heartbeat and social conscious of Newark.

The work of David Oquendo is rooted in language, he has created a letter system influenced by Textualis Quadrata with hints of Eastern Kufic and Hebrew calligraphy. David shares so much of himself in his work and shows his affinity towards stoicism. It was amazing to work with him and prepare a beautiful show at =SPACE, “Amor Fati” is an exhibition that showcases the breadth of David’s work.

“Amor Fati”, loosely translates to “Love of Fate”; Amor Fati is used to describe an attitude in which one sees everything that happens in one’s life, including suffering and loss, as good or, at the very least, necessary. Oquendo has developed a personally constructed script.

He calls this writing system, “Metaphrase”. This “Metaphrase” is a series that includes large-scale wall renderings (indoor and outdoor) and mixed media paintings. The artwork explores the artist’s ideas and questions of identity, language, meditation, religion, and life.

Oquendo is steering his work to align with his beliefs and practice of Stoicism and positive affirmations that help him make incremental progress in his life and with his struggles with depression, suicidal thoughts, and his disability. Amor Fati is the practice of loving everything that happens and seeing all circumstances as a chance to grow. Not just accepting it, nor simply tolerating it, but leaning into it. As a Latinx individual, there’s no other way to live.

The part that we have to play in David’s work is in supporting his art, by becoming patrons, purchasing is a way of investing in our Artists, it is also a way to empower their art. So come to =SPACE and experience the work in Amor Fati, follow David online, or become a patron!

David Oquendo
David Oquendo Website

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The List: Movies Every Designer should watch according to


So this is the essential list of movies for designer, my favorites on the list are Bill Cunningham New York (A documentary about the legendary fashion Photog), Metropolis ( an amaze silent film) and The Grandmaster (who doesn’t love kung fu). FastCoDesign did a great job compiling a list. Next up for my viewing pleasure is Gucci presents: The Director about Creative Director Frida Giannini, the crew followed her for 19 months and though Gucci and Giannini, have parted ways I am glad Netflix will show this documentary Feb 1st.

Read the entire FastCoDesign list here.

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