I believe my personal philosophy is that, with passion and a ridiculous work ethic, you can accomplish anything.

MEDINA has used these words as his personal mantra through the years he has added to his accomplishments both personaly and professionally. Overcoming the obstacles that life often throws in your way with conviction and a unique life perspective are what many have labeled his detriment. But that, by far, has been his success factor.

My individuality and personal style were often listed as my failing in the corporate arena, even while I operated on the executive level. But, these traits were my assets as an entrepreneur, my unique selling advantage as it were. And that is the great allure: anyone can experience success by being their best self. It was such a personal revelation at the time and now I want to pass this on.

Design has been the single Influencing factor in his life, as an entrepreneur in the industry. There have been many lessons learned through self education, some of them hard learned for MEDINA. “The point is to learn from those lessons and come back stronger and more determined. But if I could help educate others and prevent them from having some of those hard lessons than I’ll feel like I have accomplished more than just my own professional mission. I have helped people.”