The way I’ll always remember him.

In Newark, if you know the right people, the stylish and tastemakers of the city, they will take you to a place out of a Gatesby novel. You will walk into a hidden garden overflowing with flowers and laughter.

Gorgeous women and men will nod and bid you welcome as you walk into a richly appointed salon.

The sound of music and singing will merge seamlessly with the laughter of men and the sound of lighters. The air will smell sweet and smoke will wisp through the air mingling with the perfume of some of the most influential women in the city of Newark.

Walking deeper into this space, the bar will appear magically with a sartorial bartender behind it, will tempt you with all kinds of specialty cocktails. He’ll wink and you’ll have committed to a brand-new experience in liquor.

There is a dark glamour to this establishment. The elite, the politicians and artist are all mingling in it and the energy there is on another level.

As you scan the room more, you will see a man, dressed to the nines and smiling so easily and readily to all who enter the space.

The man in the dark suit with a cocktail in hand is one of the gracious owners of Jimenez, a family business of proud Cuban heritage. Peter is a friend to all, an unparalleled curator of everything fine. They do not make men like Peter anymore. He is the rare breed of gentleman you only read about in books or see in classic silver screen movies.

The charm you are witnessing my friend, the charm is something to aspire to. He holds people in confidence in such an easy way. You were always his friend.

He sits on the steps of the family business and gives laughter and dispenses wisdom, while a band performs an amazing song in the back room. And that is what you are looking at a king of the city, being manganous in his kingdom.

On April 30th Newark lost a legend, there is no goodbye in me. I will just keep the visual I have seen year after year of Peter laughing and putting his arm around another guest of the house. I will continue to smell the sweet smoke of the famous Jimenez cigars, the sound of clinking glasses and the music that always plays into the night.

The password is and always will be Jimenez

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