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Breaking: Alice Smith, Sam Dew, And TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek Share Protest Song, “Shell Shock”


Dave Sitek share a protest song Called Shell Shock, In response to recent court rulings, sung by the incomparable Alice Smith, this song sends chills up my spine.

The lyric video for the collaboration, which features a relevant-as-ever photograph from the Civil Rights Movement, is debuting above; it’s not the first protest song we’ve turned to in these emotionally-tolling past few weeks, and we hope it won’t be the last. “Music is a way to document history that prevents it from being rewritten without anyone noticing,” Dave Sitek, who co-wrote “Shell Shock” with Dew, told FADER over email. Smith added: “Many thanks to Dave and Sam for asking me to be involved in something real. I’m grateful that I got a chance to sing a song that feels like a statement of the truth.” via The Fader

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The Hiatus

The Hiatus-01


So for those of you who have graciously come to my platform to read about my passions, my journey as a creative and as a business owner and style addict, I have to truly thank you! This began as a space to share what I love, what I obsess over and to help any and everyone realize their potential. So lets talk about what has obstructed me from being able to diligently contribute to this platform. I promise they are exciting and I have seen the error of my ways and I will be immediately coming back to you all regularly.


  1. Medinacitilogogrey

Well as you know, I am the owner of the ultra amaze MEDINA = CITI Design Haus, where the entire CITI camp crafts strategies and visual communications for uber dope clients. Well this dream has finally grown in its 6 years. We have wrapped up campaigns for Hershey’s, Mountain Dew, Gatorade, Pepsi and most recently a collaboration between Mountain Dew + Call of Duty + AMPM on the West Coast. This has been a blessing and also a true test to the bandwidth of my team. We’ve had many a late nights and juggled multiple meetings and pretty much mobilized to Olivia Pope like, levels.

  1. The Expansion

After hitting 6 years old, my business partners came together to sit, as we have every year and dream out the future of the company. These sessions include green tea, coffee and a few bottles of wine. It has been a heck of a journey, but we all came to the conclusion that it is time to expand the business. We have been proudly headquartered in Newark, New Jersey and have worked to in our own way contribute to the growth of this Gotham. With that investment in mind, we’ve decided to look for a property to headquarter ourselves and more to grow the vision of a City of design, entrepreneurship, tech and creativity. So the Manor was founded and now we are building out the new businesses.


  1. The New Businesses

We carved out parts of the parent company and carved them out to become full-fledged businesses of their own. Born from needs we felt our city needed and areas where we have had unique expertise in.

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  1. The Pop Venue

So I have spoken at length about being in constant startup mode; building a culture and how to build your product according to the audience needs not just your vision. Well, I make it a point to be proactive. I preach this on a daily basis. So the CITI camp came together and in 7 days found a new temporary office (while the manor is being constructed). Our intention was to create pop up versions of the ultimate vision of the new companies. So we built  = SPACE Beta 0.1 & Socialisto Coffee Haus in our new temporary digs. The reason was to interact with the target demographic and tailor the experience and amenities to our community. In essence, we were creating a listening device to make sure we were honing the experience and placing the right price point, amenities and culture for our Newark mavens. We will be operating these initiatives as bootstrap as we can.

In short, I have undertaken a new chapter of my professional career that has consumed my entire life. It is truly exciting, terrifying, actually both! Terri-cited! I am Terri-cited to be doing this to be pursuing my dream, at to a city that has been very nurturing to my dream and helping others in said city, grow their platforms. So — don’t be so mad at me, if I am perhaps late with a post or two.



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