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Breaking: Alice Smith, Sam Dew, And TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek Share Protest Song, “Shell Shock”


Dave Sitek share a protest song Called Shell Shock, In response to recent court rulings, sung by the incomparable Alice Smith, this song sends chills up my spine.

The lyric video for the collaboration, which features a relevant-as-ever photograph from the Civil Rights Movement, is debuting above; it’s not the first protest song we’ve turned to in these emotionally-tolling past few weeks, and we hope it won’t be the last. “Music is a way to document history that prevents it from being rewritten without anyone noticing,” Dave Sitek, who co-wrote “Shell Shock” with Dew, told FADER over email. Smith added: “Many thanks to Dave and Sam for asking me to be involved in something real. I’m grateful that I got a chance to sing a song that feels like a statement of the truth.” via The Fader

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