Camera Review: Old Vintage Film For The Love Of Taking Photos

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The Entrepreneur

Learn From The Failures And Successes Of Others


Shark Tank is one of the most popular prime-time TV shows to date. It’s a more realistic “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” Everyone wants to make money off of their crazy ideas that were formed while attending a day rave or in the middle of a conversation with a pal. Indeed, these people have made great inventions that have positively altered our lives [Thank you Squatty Potty].

TJ Hale stated “Almost every time I finish reading an article about Shark Tank, I think to myself, ‘If they only knew. . . ‘ The reason is that I have interviewed more than 100 of the best entrepreneurs from the show. And, I’ve found, a sizeable chunk — 80 minutes on average — of their pitches does not make it on to TV. Here are five other fun insights I gained about Shark Tank that most viewers don’t know: ” Click here to read more.

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