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I often tell students in my Design courses at Rutgers that design is a global conversation, that there is a wealth of beautiful and engaging communities across the world that they should immerse themselves in.

This is why I particularly love the article by Creative Bloq, it shows the various ways you can travel abroad and take course work through visas, but even if this is not the choice for you just making sure while you travel to collect print pieces, look at the brands of shops and restaurants you visit, pick up a publication from your local bookshop in design or typography.

By exposing yourself to the aesthetic of the area you only add more richness to your perspective and add tools to your arsenal.

For me next up is taking in some work in New Orleans for a quick visit, Ill be sure to share soon.

For More Read the amazing CreativeBloq post

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How to Learn Step by Step the Basics of Skateboarding


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