The Style

Stay True to You


Working hard and meeting new people can change who you are. No one likes to be called a phony because of personal growth. Here are 5 question to make sure you remind yourself exactly who you are:

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The Creative

Barbie’s New Body Shapes.


Mattel has chosen to alter their Barbie collection for the better.  Barbie has moved up from its original size to sizes curvy, tall, and petite. With the release of these new Barbie figures, young girls now have toys that represents a positive and more relatable body type. Many may agree that the new body variations are long over due, and no one can argue that having these dolls on shelves nation wide is a huge step in a good direction for the Barbie doll future. After many years, Mattel has finally recognized that there are more beautiful body types then the generic skinny unrealistic Barbie figure. Barbie collectors everywhere will be excited for Mattel’s new editions to the Barbie world.

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