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This is what I’m falling for on the internets and I just want to share with you Champs.

1. Fashion

Nike Air Fear of God, is back and its triple black. So amazing!  Jerry Lorenzo is bringing them back in this new color variation and it is The Win.

2. Design

Huseo an amazing design & animation studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina did an amazing rebrand for BITT. It is an excellent example for creating a modular system.

Take a look

3. Business

Maneet Ahuja goes in-depth on the Paycheck Protection Program that was supposed to help small businesses hit by COVID-19. As the owner of two small businesses, the grants and support that were supposed to help us are truly going to those with the best connections.

Take a read Champs

4. Tech

Do you know who Ashley Boone Jr is? I didn’t until I read Scott Feinberg’s article for The Hollywood Reporter, the first black president of a major Hollywood studio he is the man who helped George Lucas make Star Wars!

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5. Music

I really learned so much about Mike Dean who is a dope musical creative “Panda”, and most of Kanye’s work! During this last month, he has been producing work that is fresh and new. Take a read of a great article written by Max Cea for

Learn about it

6. Culture

The Urban Daily by D.L. Chandler writes about Drakes “Toosie Slide” Hits 1 billion on Tiktok. This further solidifies that Tiktok as the platform for all things on the cusp of trending. It is a culture solidifier and the go-to for content creators right now.  #toosieslide

Read About It

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Tips & Tactics



If engaging Gen Z in B to C relationships.
Core characteristics.

1. Keep it 100% authentic. It isn’t just a buzz word. Gen Z doesn’t pursue perfection in a brand they require realism. So approach with the genuine side of your brand.

2. Be Frictionless Your customer experience and or product purchase HAS to be seamless. Simple and convenient is the way to the goal.

3. Do NOT play it safe. Gen Z is about the individuality and uniqueness of a product or service. So message to hit them directly, anything homogenous will be overlooked quickly.

BONUS TIP: 64% of Gen Z is constantly online. They’ll leave their wallets before their phones.

So get digital and if that’s overwhelming earmark budgets for experts like myself, the amazing Vicky Llerena or anyone who demonstrates the capacity to build community online.

Go win!
Your friendly strategist, Medina

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