The beautiful part of being a creative is that in my daily life I encounter some of the most innovative minds, in all industries, the arts, fashion, tech, business, and finance. They become my friends and inspiration through the work they do.

So as we are all in the midst of a pandemic some of my amazing people have used their creativity to create these beautiful pieces.

Lynette Lashawn of Off The Hangar

Lynette is all things fashionable, her style and decor studio is an anchor for the fashion community in my city of Newark. She and I have collaborated, laughed, and seen some amazing style moments. What I love is how Lynette always brings communities together through fashion. In response to COVID19, she recently crafted a beautiful set of masks, combining fashion and form in sets that we can all get into.

What I applaud is the infusion of personal style and creativity into this protective layer we need to use now. She is a muse on the streets and behind the runway lights, I have seen her command multiple designers and models to create some beautiful fashion moments.

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Melissa Mitchell

I was able to connect with this art powerhouse through her work in combining her artistic talent into pieces that were true showstoppers. This amazing Atlanta based sister has no fear of pattern and color, she creates emotions through her one of a kind pieces.

Melissa brings our culture into the narrative of her work, it serves to empower women and men alike. I long admired her work with Spanx and she brought her vision to us with her designs of masks and headpieces.

“Art has single-handedly changed my life and the way I live it. It is like love, you make it what you want. It makes you feel things you can’t always describe; so you’re left to just relish in the beauty of it.”

Melissa Mitchell

Most recently Melissa has launched a beautiful piece Color and Manifest, allowing you to channel your dreams.

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ANĒ Clothier

Anita Dickens is someone who walks into a room and has a personal style and presence most people playoff having on social media. For me she is a walking editorial and what makes her more arresting is she is completely being natural. That kind of energy is infused into the ANĒ BRAND.

“ANĒ CLOTHIER is a Luxury Lifestyle brand located in Newark, New Jersey. We specialize in custom elements and ready to wear garments from upcycled military uniforms to premium denim shirts, trousers, kimonos and more. We believe that clothing should be tailored to fit, and you should feel confident in what you wear. These elements and influences come together to create a label like no other.” Via the site

Take a moment to look at the entire line by ANĒ CLOTHIER
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