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No fear, Adele is here

Everyone always talks about wanting to go to the greener side. All they see are beautiful green valleys, tall trees swaying their jaded colored leaves, and when they reach over for a moment they feel the sun softly kissing their cheeks as the wind makes their hair flutter like startled butterflies. We always hear the great things about the other side, but we never ask about the people that are left behind. The past loves and possible forevers. We never think about saying “hello to the other side.” Adele makes the point of reminding everyone that when you do go for the valleys you have to leave something behind. Whether is is a friend, a lover, a family member. Someone is going to get hurt because they don’t want you to leave. Adele time travels to the future after being so successful and enjoying the green valleys and soft echoes of wind blowing through her hair.

Adele’s upcoming project “25” is a ‘Make-up” album, to herself, in an open letter she penned to her fans she spoke about where she is in her life and what that means to her, it was a candid admission of where the inspiration for her work came from and what the new work will look like, at the end she apologizes for the length of time between albums and goes on to say life happens. Well I for one am happy “life happened” for Adele because it just heralds in a new era of music.

According to Variety News “‘Hello’ is not only the Grammy winner’s first single in three years, but the first ever music video shot on Imax cameras. The six-minute vid off of Adele’s upcoming, highly anticipated ‘make-up record’ ‘25’ was directed by Xavier Dolan and costars ‘The Wire’ Tristan Wilds, who plays her ex-boyfriend in flashbacks. The Quebecois filmmaker shot the video in the Montreal countryside, filming almost every scene from the British songstress’ perspective.”

Entertainment Weekly also had something to say about the British ballad singer “‘It happened quickly when I was writing it, so I felt that was a good sign,’ Adele said of ‘Hello.’ ‘But also it’s incredibly conversational. I didn’t want to come back with some spectacular point. I didn’t have any points to prove.’”

All I have left to say is, thank you Adele for gracing us with your perfection.


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