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The Lesson: STRATEGY More: Management Shark Tank Season 6 Barbara Corcoran Entrepreneurs ‘Shark Tank’ Investor Barbara Corcoran On What Drives Her, What She Invests In, And How She Balances It All VIA Business Insider


It is important to know about what drives an investor, you have to do your due diligence in researching your VC, or investment firm. I have learned through growing my own company MEDINA = CITI Design Haus and expanding my startup = SPACE a sharespace & Incubator, that investors have interests, areas of expertise and portfolios that have reasoning and strategy behind them. I find it essential to research and learn the process in order to succeed. I study the environment, I traverse the landscape and then I participate and make the clearest course I can. Of course there is so much learning in the moment, but by preparing and knowing who you are, what your value proposition is and above all the things you are NOT willing to do, you can carve out the best outcome.

Barbara Corcoran has long been a shrewd investor in my eyes, she has steered such a clear course on her investments and her story is one that resounds with me for many reasons, she encountered negative reinforcement through her professional career, obstacles even, but she persevered. Ms Corcoran used the negative to stir her up and make her more committed. That parallels with my starting MEDINA = CITI, many didn’t believe I could become an owner of a design haus that gave a high end experience while providing unparalleled end product. I used it to motivate me, not in spite of the naysayers but in support of my dream. You can do that champs, you can use the negative energy and experiences to build yourself stronger.

The part of the Business Insider article that struck out to me is this question:

BI: Was there a particular piece of advice that has stuck with you?

BC: Yeah. Again, I give Ramone Simone the credit for that. It was the early ’80s, when he left me to marry my secretary — which was a big downturn in my life. When I ended the [real estate] business and divvied it up into two teams, he picked the first one and I picked the second.

“On the way out the door he said, “You’ll never succeed without me.”


How powerful was that statement from her partner and boyfriend, it wasn’t kind, but it was the spark for her.

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