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Style Story: Decolonize


When putting a look together, it is always intentional. It is how I am going into the world, the initial message I will be sending out before I say a word.
That in and of itself is the power of fashion, style is how you make the message your own.

When I caught this shirt in my feed by Self Sovereignty it was an instant must-have, the obsession lately has been with statement tees, with labels that make social commentary that aligns with my beliefs.

The color palette was an intentional push on my part between the oversized coat, the selection of corduroy, and my continued love of any hat.

So check out my Decolinze look.

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Jennifer Lopez SS20 face of Versace


There are many things we can ask Jennifer Lopez to do, but slowing down isn’t one of them. The actress, mogul, and singer is looking at 2020 being another banner year for her, with her upcoming Super Bowl Half Time show ( along with amazing Shakira) and recent nods for her role in Hustlers, I can not say I’m shocked with the announcement of being the face of the Spring 2020 Versace Campaign.

The campaign was shot by uber amazing duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

The campaign also has Kendall Jenner looking amazing and the two women seem to be typing their own names into a digital keyboard seen on screen.

I love the meta aspect of the campaign, the commentary on the multiple ways your digital life and real-life intersect and collide. Of course, the infamous jungle print that Lopez wore in her plunging gown 20 years ago at the Grammy’s makes an appearance in the 2020 campaign. The Versace moment and Lopez are said to be the reason google invented the images feature in its search.

Take a look at all of the shots from the campaign below.

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STYLE STORIES. Missing those New Orleans mornings. Where the days are sweeter and the people sweeter. #nola

At the head of the table. Period. #nola

The look was inspired by that Pitti Uomo style of dressing. There is always something in me that loves a sartorial moment but with my urban blend. Oh and yellow pants. That’s a first there.

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Style Story


What I love most about Style, is the capacity to infuse your cultural identity into the visual.

The Pieces in this Style Story are some of my Favorites period!

My sweatshirt is via Ané purchased at Off The Hanger, in my City of Newark.

The Collars were a purchase from Urban Collars

Hat was via Nordister I legit have five hats from them and they never dissapoint.

The Cuff, I found this at a market helmed by Interior Design guru and friend Neffi Walker, its JoyFashionFinds , tell her Medina sent you.

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The Style

Stay True to You


Working hard and meeting new people can change who you are. No one likes to be called a phony because of personal growth. Here are 5 question to make sure you remind yourself exactly who you are:

To read more about these questions, click here.

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Ray-Ban’s New Switch Up


Ray-Ban are great because they go with anything and everything. If you have a faux fur coat, slide on the Ray-Ban. If you had a wild night out, slide on the Ray-Ban. You are shoveling snow and the sun is peeping out, slide on the Ray Ban.

The iconic Clubmaster silhouette from Ray-Ban has long been a staple of the legendary eyewear brand. Drawing on aesthetic cues from the label’s most successful trends of the past year, the Clubmaster and the Round models, the label introduces the perfect hybrid version of the two: the Clubround model. Read more here.


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Embrace the fierceness of Naomi and the heart of Hepburn

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From a young age many of us were taught to love ourselves unconditionally and to always have confidence in all that we do. As we aged, American society had a major affect on our outlook and how we see ourselves. This society never failed to push us to question every move we made, every blink, every breath. In doing this we have become overly self conscious. Overthinking our actions reinforces the idea that everyone is judging us no matter where we go. Self-love is the door that takes us back to our 4 year old selves when we had all the confidence in the world. Remember, it is not all about what you wear but the how you wear it. Be strong. Be fierce. Be confident Champs.

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The phrase “on a knife-edge” is no longer metaphorical

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Do you remember the phrase “on a knife-edge”? Well if you do, then do I have news for you. If you don’t, I’m going to make an educated guess and stereotype you as a 2000’s baby, and may I suggest reading a book. -smile- Come and take a look at this video and see the wonderful phrase that is used by many people who have no hope in their life, taken to the literal sense.

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