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The Style: Beard Oil



I have to truly thank The Manual, for lending their voice to a growing concern of mine, as the winter months approach and I have committed to a bearded life, both for comfort and a test for my visual style, I believe you should play around with elements of your body, whether it is hair color, growing a beard, trying new clothing trends or old ones. For me I look at each day with the intention of telling my style story, I learn more about myself by doing this !  So when I grew my beard out I really was happy to see some great tutorials from The Manual.


They went through the process of selecting the top beard oils for you to try gents! More Here I am personally engaging PGS Beard Oil, hand batched and made to tame those wild hairs I have. They even have an article on “How To Grow a Formidable Beard”



 PGS Beard Oil is like a “cologne for the beard”—and also a beard moisturizer to soften and tame those unruly whiskers. Our beard oils are hand-batched in Maine and made using organic hemp seed oil, organic jojoba oil, marula oil, wild crafted absolutes and essential oils, plus our signature natural preservative blend.

Take the time to try new things and learn about them, I know I am.

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The Audiophile: The London Sessions Mary J Blige


The London Sessions Represents a project where Mary collaborates with some of my favorite UK talents

Sam Smith, Disclosure, Emeli Sandé, Naughty Boy (Sam Romans) and more.  Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins

executive-produces the project of course.

mary-j-blige-right-now-from-the-london-sessions_7809341-1116_1200x630 via izlesene

This project truly has all of the Mary we have known on tracks like Therapy, but also with some great classic house

infusions like on My Loving. Take a moment to experience this Mary where she is seen through the eyes of other

amazing talents like Sam Smith, and the ever amazing Emeli Sandé. It is a truly amazing body of work.


“I hear you coming from a mile away and you don’t have enough to offer.” (“Follow”)


Mary-J.-Blige-2 via konbinicom

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CMLogo Cutout-01

The team at MEDINA = CITI my Design Haus has wanted to get their hands on for some time now, they all felt it was time to build a stronger vehicle, a mobile version and an overall brand enhancer.  I am honestly floored and so ultimately excited to bring this new experience to you. I will continue to bring you all of the areas I am passionate about, to fill you in on exciting ventures I am participating in and the amazing worlds of entrepreneurship and tech.

This is where tech & business meet style & design.


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The Entrepreneur: Tell a Story

TellA Story-01

I truly appreciate Entrepreneur’s article on “7 Tips for Storytelling That Dazzles Audiences” genuinely in life whether for our businesses or for a job interview you are telling a story, you are pitching yourself, as I pitch our new venture I find this to be especially true, people want to hear a story and we all want a happy ending, take a moment to read this article, I appreciate #1.

1. Opening and closing the curiosity gap

What if I told you, your income could be tripled in less than one month?

It may be snake oil, but it perked enough of your interest to hear the rest of the story and pitch. Storytellers call it an “inciting incident.” We have curiosity wired into us, tapping into that through provocative questions opens the window wide for the rest of your elevator pitch.

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