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The Opportunity Grant Info Sessions for NJ EDA


I am so proud to work for the equity and inclusion of multicultural, LGBTQ+, and women-owned businesses. We are doing everything we can to bring you all of the information and resources to equip you for a successful application. Take advantage of the $50M, $15M of which have been reserved for businesses in Opportunity Zone-eligible census tracts, the @NJEDA has set aside for phase 02 of the Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program. Click the link in my bio to find out if you’re eligible. Applications go live on June 9th, so don’t wait! Have questions? Ask me!

This is a quick list of all the events going on to prepare you for the application which opens Tuesday, June 9th!


LGBTQIA x EDA Webinar 

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST

Registration: HERE

Statewide Hispanic Chamber x EDA Webinar

5:00 – 6:00 PM EST

Registration: HERE

Prospect Park x EDA Webinar

6:00 – 7:00 PM EST



Port Authority x EDA Webinar

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EST


NJ/NY MSDC x EDA Webinar

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST


Newark Alliance x EDA Webinar 

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST

Registration: HERE


Montclair Center BID x EDA Webinar

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EST


Meeting ID: 839 7573 0814

A Conversation with NJEDA CEO Tim Sullivan and Senator Cory Booker


The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) recently announced $50 million in new funding and broader eligibility criteria for the Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program. Under the newly-expanded program, which will provide grants up to $10,000 for COVID-impacted businesses, a wider variety of businesses will now be eligible, including home-based businesses and sole proprietorships. The program will also feature a special focus on businesses in Opportunity Zone-eligible census tracts. The New Jersey Business & Industry Association, the New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce, and the Commerce & Industry Association of New Jersey are partnering for a special webinar conversation with NJEDA CEO Tim Sullivan and Senator Cory Booker. Our goal is to provide valuable insight to the expanded grant program.

Register Here

Town Hall with the NJ Latino Legislative Caucus on Small Business Grant COVID-19 with NJEDA


6:00 pm
Register HERE

Monday, June 8th

Diversity Town Hall with NJEDA


Register Here

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Tune in Thursdays With Janetza Miranda

thumbnail_image1 copy

In response to COVID19, my sharespace =SPACE partnered with an amazing organization Newark Downtown District to create a mini-concert series for Newark based performers. Our city has amazing performers who are unable to practice their craft and earn their livelihoods.

Each Thursday an amazing performer does an acoustic set and we tune in and through a virtual tip jar we send our support. The first performance was by Janetza Miranda!

About Janetza

Hailing from Newark, NJ Janétza Miranda’s work is inspired by her Puerto Rican roots, her voice projecting a vibrant range of colours inspired by the sounds of Jazz, Blues, Boleros, Plena y Bomba, & Flamenco.

Janétza fuses the music that inspires her; her favourite songs of today and the past. You can find her performing on her classical Spanish guitar, mixing covers and originals.

She has appeared on NBC’s “The Voice”, performed in the Americando Expo in Milan, Italy & continues to tour around the world.

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OBSESSED with these 3 creatives take on masks


The beautiful part of being a creative is that in my daily life I encounter some of the most innovative minds, in all industries, the arts, fashion, tech, business, and finance. They become my friends and inspiration through the work they do.

So as we are all in the midst of a pandemic some of my amazing people have used their creativity to create these beautiful pieces.

Lynette Lashawn of Off The Hangar

Lynette is all things fashionable, her style and decor studio is an anchor for the fashion community in my city of Newark. She and I have collaborated, laughed, and seen some amazing style moments. What I love is how Lynette always brings communities together through fashion. In response to COVID19, she recently crafted a beautiful set of masks, combining fashion and form in sets that we can all get into.

What I applaud is the infusion of personal style and creativity into this protective layer we need to use now. She is a muse on the streets and behind the runway lights, I have seen her command multiple designers and models to create some beautiful fashion moments.

You need to look at the beautifully curated collection of Off The Hangar
Get in the know on Lynette’s Social

Melissa Mitchell

I was able to connect with this art powerhouse through her work in combining her artistic talent into pieces that were true showstoppers. This amazing Atlanta based sister has no fear of pattern and color, she creates emotions through her one of a kind pieces.

Melissa brings our culture into the narrative of her work, it serves to empower women and men alike. I long admired her work with Spanx and she brought her vision to us with her designs of masks and headpieces.

“Art has single-handedly changed my life and the way I live it. It is like love, you make it what you want. It makes you feel things you can’t always describe; so you’re left to just relish in the beauty of it.”

Melissa Mitchell

Most recently Melissa has launched a beautiful piece Color and Manifest, allowing you to channel your dreams.

Learn more on
Find Melissa At @AbeilleCreations

ANĒ Clothier

Anita Dickens is someone who walks into a room and has a personal style and presence most people playoff having on social media. For me she is a walking editorial and what makes her more arresting is she is completely being natural. That kind of energy is infused into the ANĒ BRAND.

“ANĒ CLOTHIER is a Luxury Lifestyle brand located in Newark, New Jersey. We specialize in custom elements and ready to wear garments from upcycled military uniforms to premium denim shirts, trousers, kimonos and more. We believe that clothing should be tailored to fit, and you should feel confident in what you wear. These elements and influences come together to create a label like no other.” Via the site

Take a moment to look at the entire line by ANĒ CLOTHIER
You need to follow Anita

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The Calling

DSC_2698 Copy

When the incomparable Rha Goddess reached out to me to become a part of her book launch “The Calling” I could not have been more honored.
We have nurtured a friendship built on arming our community to be their best selves, to take down obstacles that we build inside ourselves.

So being a part of the Stay True, portion of the book tour moved my own internal dialogue forward in a real way. Take a minute to see my portion of the digital summit.

I feel Most alive when I am advocating for others.


About The book:

The Calling represents the culmination of over 30 years of Rha’s frontline experience in supporting change agents from all walks of life in reaching for and realizing their true purpose and potential in a way that is both profitable and impactful. From the top woman in the world in Aerospace to a Warrior woman in a Battered Women’s Shelter on the Lower East Side, The Calling is a transformative guide written for those who know that they are here to do and be more in this world. Organized around the 3 fundamental commitments: Stay True.Get Paid.Do Good., this book addresses the deep seated concerns that often plague our society and personally challenge our ability to show up for the things in our life and our world that really matter.  

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From Newark with Love, David Oquendo


The amazing part of the work I do every day is creating access for my community. My sharespace, =SPACE is meant to spotlight our innovation in so many different industries despite being underfunded, underrepresented and having the odds stacked against us. We persevere not in spite of the realities, but because we are beautiful as a people.

In my time in Newark, I have partnered with every art institution and collective, the intention has been so clear, to support creatives of my chosen city because they are the heartbeat and social conscious of Newark.

The work of David Oquendo is rooted in language, he has created a letter system influenced by Textualis Quadrata with hints of Eastern Kufic and Hebrew calligraphy. David shares so much of himself in his work and shows his affinity towards stoicism. It was amazing to work with him and prepare a beautiful show at =SPACE, “Amor Fati” is an exhibition that showcases the breadth of David’s work.

“Amor Fati”, loosely translates to “Love of Fate”; Amor Fati is used to describe an attitude in which one sees everything that happens in one’s life, including suffering and loss, as good or, at the very least, necessary. Oquendo has developed a personally constructed script.

He calls this writing system, “Metaphrase”. This “Metaphrase” is a series that includes large-scale wall renderings (indoor and outdoor) and mixed media paintings. The artwork explores the artist’s ideas and questions of identity, language, meditation, religion, and life.

Oquendo is steering his work to align with his beliefs and practice of Stoicism and positive affirmations that help him make incremental progress in his life and with his struggles with depression, suicidal thoughts, and his disability. Amor Fati is the practice of loving everything that happens and seeing all circumstances as a chance to grow. Not just accepting it, nor simply tolerating it, but leaning into it. As a Latinx individual, there’s no other way to live.

The part that we have to play in David’s work is in supporting his art, by becoming patrons, purchasing is a way of investing in our Artists, it is also a way to empower their art. So come to =SPACE and experience the work in Amor Fati, follow David online, or become a patron!

David Oquendo
David Oquendo Website

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Tips & Tactics



If engaging Gen Z in B to C relationships.
Core characteristics.

1. Keep it 100% authentic. It isn’t just a buzz word. Gen Z doesn’t pursue perfection in a brand they require realism. So approach with the genuine side of your brand.

2. Be Frictionless Your customer experience and or product purchase HAS to be seamless. Simple and convenient is the way to the goal.

3. Do NOT play it safe. Gen Z is about the individuality and uniqueness of a product or service. So message to hit them directly, anything homogenous will be overlooked quickly.

BONUS TIP: 64% of Gen Z is constantly online. They’ll leave their wallets before their phones.

So get digital and if that’s overwhelming earmark budgets for experts like myself, the amazing Vicky Llerena or anyone who demonstrates the capacity to build community online.

Go win!
Your friendly strategist, Medina

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A Podcast: Newark Is . .

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 8.24.21 PM copy

Truly loved my moment with Tamisha for Newark Is, if you know me then you know talking all things about my chosen city is a favorite pastime of mine. Check it out!

I Knew when coming to Newark I was going to have to earn the trust of it’s citizens.

About the Episode:

Tamisha sits down with Citi Medina, the founder of Equal Space. Medina picked up his business from Brooklyn and moved to Newark 12 years ago, and hasn’t looked back. 

Medina is a Creative Strategist and has worked in the Design & Strategy industry for over 10 years. Medina leads campaigns in an ever-immersive media world, driven by demanding multicultural millennial audiences. His passion for strategy and design led to the creation of MEDINA = CITI, a design collective, which delves into the worlds of Print Design, Web Design, Multimedia, Film Production, Photography, Ongoing/Contributing Marketing Strategies and Social Media campaigns. MEDINA’s tireless passion for entrepreneurship and technology has led to his founding of a Sharespace & Incubator facility in Newark, New Jersey called = SPACE (, a unique co-working space for financial tech, securities tech and large media platforms, which focuses on founders of color, LGBT-led startups and women ventures.

Hear about his co-working space and everything else he’s working on around the city and check him and his company out around the web! @citimedina @equalspaceco

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The moments I got to share with Latinos Out Loud (LOL) moment beyond amazing! To sit with creative powerhouse Latinos and talk about our passions was more like a party and it felt entirely natural. For those who haven’t heard of LOL before, they are a really, energy-driven platform shown through the lens of Latinx hosts.

The two time award-winning Latinos Out Loud podcast, on the ReVolver Network, is a weekly show with comedians Rachel “La Loca” Strauss-Muniz, Michael “Juan Bago” Diaz, Jaime” “JFernz” Fernandez and Frank Nibbs that features improv bits, pranks, character segments, guests interviews that inspire and more. Packed with empowerment and laughter, as well as interviewees who inspire, LOL is here to move Latinos forward, while making them laugh. via

The discussion I was a part of was about speaking really honestly about how hard it is to remain inspired and focused. In entrepreneurship, we find ourselves comparing our progress and our businesses to others. Even more with the amount of ourselves we put into our work, it’s our own personal areas of development can be what holds us back. Through the day, I constantly repeat ”Peace, Joy, Happiness”, while holding my hand over my heart and it has really helped to keep me centered. Try it champs

So take a moment to listen to the podcast! And give the LOL crew some love on IG @Wearelatinosoutloud

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Jennifer Lopez SS20 face of Versace


There are many things we can ask Jennifer Lopez to do, but slowing down isn’t one of them. The actress, mogul, and singer is looking at 2020 being another banner year for her, with her upcoming Super Bowl Half Time show ( along with amazing Shakira) and recent nods for her role in Hustlers, I can not say I’m shocked with the announcement of being the face of the Spring 2020 Versace Campaign.

The campaign was shot by uber amazing duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

The campaign also has Kendall Jenner looking amazing and the two women seem to be typing their own names into a digital keyboard seen on screen.

I love the meta aspect of the campaign, the commentary on the multiple ways your digital life and real-life intersect and collide. Of course, the infamous jungle print that Lopez wore in her plunging gown 20 years ago at the Grammy’s makes an appearance in the 2020 campaign. The Versace moment and Lopez are said to be the reason google invented the images feature in its search.

Take a look at all of the shots from the campaign below.

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