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The Life

Pedro “Peter” J. Pozo Jimenez


The way I’ll always remember him.

In Newark, if you know the right people, the stylish and tastemakers of the city, they will take you to a place out of a Gatesby novel. You will walk into a hidden garden overflowing with flowers and laughter.

Gorgeous women and men will nod and bid you welcome as you walk into a richly appointed salon.

The sound of music and singing will merge seamlessly with the laughter of men and the sound of lighters. The air will smell sweet and smoke will wisp through the air mingling with the perfume of some of the most influential women in the city of Newark.

Walking deeper into this space, the bar will appear magically with a sartorial bartender behind it, will tempt you with all kinds of specialty cocktails. He’ll wink and you’ll have committed to a brand-new experience in liquor.

There is a dark glamour to this establishment. The elite, the politicians and artist are all mingling in it and the energy there is on another level.

As you scan the room more, you will see a man, dressed to the nines and smiling so easily and readily to all who enter the space.

The man in the dark suit with a cocktail in hand is one of the gracious owners of Jimenez, a family business of proud Cuban heritage. Peter is a friend to all, an unparalleled curator of everything fine. They do not make men like Peter anymore. He is the rare breed of gentleman you only read about in books or see in classic silver screen movies.

The charm you are witnessing my friend, the charm is something to aspire to. He holds people in confidence in such an easy way. You were always his friend.

He sits on the steps of the family business and gives laughter and dispenses wisdom, while a band performs an amazing song in the back room. And that is what you are looking at a king of the city, being manganous in his kingdom.

On April 30th Newark lost a legend, there is no goodbye in me. I will just keep the visual I have seen year after year of Peter laughing and putting his arm around another guest of the house. I will continue to smell the sweet smoke of the famous Jimenez cigars, the sound of clinking glasses and the music that always plays into the night.

The password is and always will be Jimenez

To plant a beautiful memorial tree in memory of Pedro J. Pozo, please visit our Tribute Store.

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The Life

39 in 39 words

Cover copy

I have hit a marker in my life. The end of my 30’s, this is my final year 39, and by the wisdom of my close friends it is supposed to be, a year of movement, decisions and coming into my power. So I challenged myself to write my mission for 39 in 39 words. Hope you like it!

Thirty-nine, make decisions that put my life above my work and my purpose into my life. Create memories with people above all, and place personal fulfillment at the forefront of my priorities to bring my best self into everything.

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Seeing inside your favorite character


Have you ever wondered what your favorite character would look on the inside. A new solo artist from Australia by the name of Nychos has just announced a new piece of his. The new piece lets you see the structure of your favorite characters like Goofy and even Barbie, This pop culture display of art is said to open at Jonathan LeVine Gallery.

To read more about this amazing unusual art click here.

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The Life

These People Changed U.S. Culture, You Can Too!


Have you ever wondered who marketed the smiley face or the retro jazz paper cups that sell for $40 a pop at Urban outfitters now? The best designs come out of pure creativity rather than pure devotion to money. When you are creating something you should put your heart into it, your main focus should not be what you think people will like. There are numerous poets that I know personally who tell me that they are shocked that their most personal poems are the ones people have a better connection too.

Corporate design is its own kind of art form, but the people behind those designs almost never get their proper due. Here are 12 of the people whose designs have left a permanent mark on U.S. culture.

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The Life

Nina Simone: The voice of calamity in a sand storm

“I put a spell on you” Yes, you did Nina Simone with your alluring voice. Now with a soundtrack being created by those who also fell under your spell as well. Nina Revisited… A tribute to Nina Simone have various artists such as Ms. Lauryn Hill, Usher, Jazmine Sullivan, her daughter Lisa Simone and many more. If you grew up on Nina Simone’s music, you have to listen to this tribute album. In remembrance we raise our glasses to you the High Priestess of Soul. Pain has never sounded pleasant in one’s ear

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Tiny is the new black

no thumb

New York City is the literal definition of a hype. It has been America’s It Girl for 120 years, and will continue to bring people in for hundreds of years more. Although NYC has changed multiple times, Thank Bob for the removal of peep shows on every corner of Manhattan. One thing will remain the same however, the lack of apartment space. Hopefully this video will spruce up ideas in the fat folds protected by your skull.

It takes skill to take a room the size of a supermarket bathroom, without the smell hopefully, and turn it into a chic apartment that people are willing to pay thousands a month for. As the saying goes “You should appreciate the little things,” because 10,000 pennies make 100 dollars.


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Breaking: Alice Smith, Sam Dew, And TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek Share Protest Song, “Shell Shock”


Dave Sitek share a protest song Called Shell Shock, In response to recent court rulings, sung by the incomparable Alice Smith, this song sends chills up my spine.

The lyric video for the collaboration, which features a relevant-as-ever photograph from the Civil Rights Movement, is debuting above; it’s not the first protest song we’ve turned to in these emotionally-tolling past few weeks, and we hope it won’t be the last. “Music is a way to document history that prevents it from being rewritten without anyone noticing,” Dave Sitek, who co-wrote “Shell Shock” with Dew, told FADER over email. Smith added: “Many thanks to Dave and Sam for asking me to be involved in something real. I’m grateful that I got a chance to sing a song that feels like a statement of the truth.” via The Fader

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Obsessed: Paul Smith Flagship Store in Korea



Paul Smith has opened his first flagship store in Korea, it was designed by a local firm The System Lab and was designed to create a unique shape in the urban environment. Gangnam-gu district is a luxury brand hotspot and this definitely makes a statement. The structure is really dynamic and is created to create unique experiences for each individuals movement through the space.




“I respond to the warm tones and circular cut out windows. “



“Anyone else obsessed with the stairway rail details? Anyone besides me? “




“The mural is a great backdrop to the traditional loveseat in the foreground”



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