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One Man’s Treasure is Another Man’s Instrument

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As an underdog myself, I always root for the built from sediment businesses and organizations. When I finished watching this amazing video I had to lift my mouth up from beneath the floor. I felt so inspired by this organization called the Landfillharmonic. Landfillharmonic started in Paraguay, and it teaches music to children who are extremely underprivileged. The students construct instruments from garbage that they dig out of landfills in their town and make beautiful music. Be ready for your mind to explode.

These children set an example for other people who do not have the ability to buy everything they want. Landfillharmonic teaches people the importance of never giving up hope on your dreams and goals. One of the leaders of the organization talked about how he doubted that any of the instruments would actually work, mostly because he has never seen anyone do it before. This is a valuable lesson to everyone across the world: do not let anyone shame your ideas because they never heard of it before. Darryl Zanuck, the executive at 20th Century FOX in 1946 said, “Television won’t be able to hold on to any market it captures after the first six months. People will soon get tired of staring at a plywood box every night.” Zanuck did not believe in the ability of something new to innovate how people lived. You should not let anyone dictate your future just because they have never seen it done before.

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Dawn Richard Tide: The Paradox Effect


There are so many words I can use for Dawn Richard’s, Blackheart project but tame is not one of them, from amazing lyrics on Billie Jean to the smoothness of Swim Free, I find the project to be a voyage, a story telling really.  Sitting on the Itunes Electronic charts at No. 1. Take a listen ! But lets talk about Tide: the Paradox Effect, an animated, dark video, which Dawn directed with digital studio We Are Monkeys., depicts a digital warrior, battling her way to the light, she is strong and determined, much of the context relates to Richard’s recent past in her former DK3 experience. I believe this project really showcases, the talent and focus she has to be an artist, to be honest through her work, and I think we will be waiting for a bit for any of her former mates to produce work, which leads me to believe she brought the vocal and producing chops to the former trio. I can always appreciate talent and Dawn is showing she has it in spades.

I wanted to visually stimulate and really create a story that emulated the ferocity of this movement,” Richard told Pop & Hiss of the new video. “’Tide’ sonically charges and bends, creating a cinematic sci-fi experience. We wanted the watcher to feel as if they were walking the journey with me.”

Take a look and tell me what you think.

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The List: Movies Every Designer should watch according to


So this is the essential list of movies for designer, my favorites on the list are Bill Cunningham New York (A documentary about the legendary fashion Photog), Metropolis ( an amaze silent film) and The Grandmaster (who doesn’t love kung fu). FastCoDesign did a great job compiling a list. Next up for my viewing pleasure is Gucci presents: The Director about Creative Director Frida Giannini, the crew followed her for 19 months and though Gucci and Giannini, have parted ways I am glad Netflix will show this documentary Feb 1st.

Read the entire FastCoDesign list here.

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The Game Changer Beyonce Releases Short


Nearly 1 year after the release of her self titled project, complete with videos, behind the scenes and raw music she has now released an 11:00 min short with a full commentary of who she is, her realizations and perspectives. It is amazing to hear her speak about what fame is like, about her release that is music, commentary on her perspective on her marriage, feminism and the balance of masculine and feminine energy.

Beyonce01 Beyonce02

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The Creative: Tim Tadder


Call of Juarez

The work can be easily described as breathtaking and visually arresting, but I vowed to use this as a platform to share what I obsess over and expose you to other creatives and thought leaders you may not have crossed paths with, so please explore Time Tadder.


“Tim is also a visual communicator who produces award-winning campaign work for top consumer brands including Adidas, Budweiser, Coke Zero, Craftsman, Gatorade, and more. He creates highly-stylized action shots that draw viewers into the moment. Tadder has always been active in sports, exploration, and adventure and believes that being familiar with shooting live action makes it easier to recreate the look for advertising shoots” Via “



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