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Justice for Ashley Moore

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The moment I heard about Ashley Moore and the questions surrounding her death began, it created a combination of anger and horror within me. A weak moment of denial that it could not be,  another of my trans sisters is gone and swept under the rug, but that is exactly what happened.

The details surrounding the incident is just seeing the light of day, as Ashley was taken from us in April. In April, a clear 4 months ago when her mother Starlet Carbin discovered the loss of her daughter through social media. Then months later, after frequent requests and reaching out to everyone, she would receive a police report and conflicting reports as to what happened to her child.

Immediately my thought was to reach out to Beatrice Simpkins, the Executive Director of the Newark LGBTQ Community Center, who has been pushing to support and find justice for Ashley and her mother. On connecting with Beatrice, it became evident how much she was doing and how much more we needed to do in support of her efforts. I then reached out to all of the LGBTQIA leaders in my city of Newark. All were shocked. All were just finding out. And all of them were ready to rally around Beatrice and Starlet.

Why do we have to rally?

Transwomen of color disappear every day in America and around the world, suffering countless injustices and brutalities, our trans community is being turned away from police and murdered with nowhere to go and no one to turn to in the system.

In 2019, at least 25 transgender or gender non-conforming people were fatally shot or killed by other violent means.* 

According to

So, we have to protest and advocate, rally, and decry publicly the treatment of the most vulnerable of us.

Some Facts

  • The incident occurred in April and the report came months later and has just gained public awareness now in August.
  • Her body was found in front of the Newark YMWCA where she was in fact staying as a place of residence.
  • There has been a clear mishandling of the case and conflicting reports on the cause of death and the circumstances surrounding her death.
  • Ashley Moore was also misgendered in her obituary and in the police report.


Misgendering far too many transgender and gender non-conforming victims of fatal violence are misgendered after death. Since 2013, at least 80% of all victims have been clearly misgendered by the media or by law enforcement. While this misgendering is extremely disrespectful, it also impedes investigations and data collection. It is imperative that media and law enforcement work to treat victims of anti-transgender violence with the dignity and respect they deserve.


Ashley matters, and finding some justice in this horrid case matters, too.


The Rallying Cry

1. A real investigation into the death of Ashley Moore

2. Protections and transparency on how the city of Newark will handle cases like this in the future.

3. A statement from our Newark elected officials decrying the violence of our Trans community and actions to provide relief and support of our community.

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Out Magazine

Donate to the cause

We held meetings and came together as the LGBTQIA community to support each other, to advocate and protect one another and in the end that is all we have. There will never be a happy ending here, there can only be the shared truth and grief that we have lost a member of the community.

Stay tuned as the initiatives and updates come to light.

Ashley Moore was treated as if she didn’t matter.

As if Black lives DON’T matter.

They Matter and we will rally to make sure they know that

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Goya Gone


It is unconscionable to me that today, as so many of the multicultural majority are being attacked, their liberties ripped from them and their lives being taken, that any private sector head would endorse the leader of this “free” country.

But, here we are champs, having to watch as the leader of an anchor company in our daily lives, has chosen to take the company and associate it with a person that has attacked our community in ways that we can only feel as disrespected. No CEO should feel empowered to speak for an entire people.

It is the disillusionment of the wealthy to see-through rose-colored glasses that we are all well. That Latinidad is flourishing and should be grateful for the current climate. So instead of just an op-ed on the injustice, I will share the faces of the real, everyday life of our community.

Here are some facts.

An attack on Immigrants

Hispanics who are immigrants themselves or have immigrant parents are more likely than U.S.-born Hispanics to say they worry about deportation. Fully two-thirds (66%) of immigrant Hispanics say they worry about deportation, compared with 43% of those who were born in the U.S. The share rises to 78% among those who are likely unauthorized immigrants – that is, they are not U.S. citizens and they do not have a green card.


 Children ripped from their families

You don’t need to be an expert in child development to know how critical the relationship between a child and their parent or guardian is for a child’s healthy development. Parental loss and separation have long term and devastating impacts on children even as they progress into adulthood. Healthy child development is impossible when children are violently separated from their families and placed in detention centers devoid of the care, attention, and love that all children need and deserve. As trauma experts and child care providers learn more about the long-term impacts of childhood trauma and “adverse childhood experiences,” putting children through stress anywhere near this level becomes impossible to justify.


Trump is a lightning rod for violence against the Latino community

The fear and anger has been especially acute in the era of President Trump, who five years ago announced his candidacy by calling Mexicans rapists and criminals. The suspect in the deadliest anti-Latino attack in modern American history, in El Paso last year, used similar language in his manifesto.


The loss of employment for Hispanic men has been real.

Unemployment among Hispanics has risen to 18.9 percent. More than one in five Hispanic men have either lost their jobs or seen their hours reduced.

The Hate Speech Against The Mexican Community

Trump has made varying degrees of disparaging remarks on not only Mexican Americans but the whole of Mexico.

Nathalie Rayes, Latino Victory Fund president and CEO stated, “Trump is a racist demagogue who called Mexicans ‘rapists’ and ‘criminals’ and, to this day, continues to promote hateful rhetoric and policies that harm the Latino community,”


The CEO of Goya is living in a disillusioned world of wealth, to use his position at Goya to make statements at the White House and of which he has chosen to move out of the realms of a private corporate leader and into the political arena, removing the best interests of Goya consumers and into his own personal agenda.

Goya has aligned itself with the ideals of a White House that is attacking the Latino community. We can no longer put our hard-earned dollars into a company that allows him to do so. Goya, you need to distance yourself from Robert Unanue, if you do not then you have sent a clear and decisive message to your audience, and it will be in our prerogative to send our own message to you and boycott your products.

Some wonderful brands you can use as an alternative to Goya:

Badia Spices

Conchita Foods

Iberia Foods


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I wrote about Leon and the importance of these stories previously, I was truly excited when =SPACE and BREAKOUT partnered to Livestream the amazing short in totality.

LEON the film centers around Leon Ford’s lifetime mental health journey growing up in Pittsburgh. From his run for city council in 2019, the police brutality he suffered in 2012, to the power of therapy.

With May being Mental Health month + all the trauma being caused by COVID-19, this film is more important and timely than we could have imagined.

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The Podcast: Dreams in Drive

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Shot by @tonewoolfe

Episode 230: How To Create An Unbeatable, Bankable, & Winning Brand w/ Medina

On this episode, I share my personal #dreamdriving journey including navigating life post-college as a creative, hustling his a** off to get his design agency off the ground, and what eventually led him to create =SPACE, a safe space for entrepreneurs who are often left out of the mainstream narrative to thrive.

The work hustle and the actual numbers, like forget the passion I have for my community, but the numbers are supporting our community.
We are bettable, bankable and winning.

On Dreams in Drive, I share my major keys to success for other dream drivers including advice on making strong financial decisions, building one’s personal advisory council, and why being open to innovation is crucial in today’s #dreamdriving landscape.

Medina’s Keys To Success:
1. Financial advisor
2. Build an advisory board
2. Be open to innovation

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For My Freelancers, Contractors, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners.


In a time where we are impacted by COVID 19

This time is extremely tenuous for small business owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and contractors.

I will be searching and sharing resources and information in how to prepare, navigate and keep moving during this time.

My hustlers are hit by this and it affects their ability to live and be ok during the shift.

Many companies are canceling and going completely digital. There are strategies to save contracts, further position yourselves to survive this if you have a shortfall.


Freelance Resource Here
Source: Unknown 


Via NYC Department of Small Business Services

There is access to no-interest loans if your business is suffering a loss of 25% in revenue.

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on March 8 that the City will provide relief for small businesses across the City seeing a reduction in revenue because of COVID-19. Businesses with fewer than 100 employees who have seen sales decreases of 25% or more will be eligible for zero interest loans of up to $75,000 to help mitigate losses in profit.

The City is also offering small businesses with fewer than 5 employees a grant to cover 40% of payroll costs for two months to help retain employees. Eligible owners who would like to learn more about these programs should fill out our interest form.

One question posed was “Is it ok to lay off staff if there’s no business coming in due to the virus?

The Mayor announced employee retention grants of up to 40% of payroll costs will be available to help businesses with under 5 employees pay their staff. Sign up at gov/COVID19Biz to receive more information as it becomes available. Under the NYC Paid Safe and Sick Leave Law, employers with five or more employees who work more than 80 hours per calendar year in New York City must provide paid safe and sick leave to employees. Employers with fewer

than five employees must provide unpaid safe and sick leave. Covered employees have the right to use safe and sick leave for the care and treatment of themselves or a family member. Employers and employees can visit or call 311 (212-NEW-YORK outside NYC) for more information. While we hope that you do not have to reduce the number of people you employ, there is a layoff process that must be followed. Please visit the NYS Department of Labor website to learn more:

More Here

Unemployment Benefits due to Coronavirus/COVID19

UPDATE 3.13.20

A link for unemployment due to the Coronavirus/Covid19

Unemployment Benefits Coronavirus

I am making sure my small biz community has access to any assistance as so many are reaching out to me with canceled contracts, postponed payments, a complete shift to digital experiences.

I’ll share what we can do to pivot and stay sustained through these trying times. Our capacity to provide for our families is at stake in many instances but I believe this about us, we are capable, resourceful and able to move through and past obstacles.

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The moments I got to share with Latinos Out Loud (LOL) moment beyond amazing! To sit with creative powerhouse Latinos and talk about our passions was more like a party and it felt entirely natural. For those who haven’t heard of LOL before, they are a really, energy-driven platform shown through the lens of Latinx hosts.

The two time award-winning Latinos Out Loud podcast, on the ReVolver Network, is a weekly show with comedians Rachel “La Loca” Strauss-Muniz, Michael “Juan Bago” Diaz, Jaime” “JFernz” Fernandez and Frank Nibbs that features improv bits, pranks, character segments, guests interviews that inspire and more. Packed with empowerment and laughter, as well as interviewees who inspire, LOL is here to move Latinos forward, while making them laugh. via

The discussion I was a part of was about speaking really honestly about how hard it is to remain inspired and focused. In entrepreneurship, we find ourselves comparing our progress and our businesses to others. Even more with the amount of ourselves we put into our work, it’s our own personal areas of development can be what holds us back. Through the day, I constantly repeat ”Peace, Joy, Happiness”, while holding my hand over my heart and it has really helped to keep me centered. Try it champs

So take a moment to listen to the podcast! And give the LOL crew some love on IG @Wearelatinosoutloud

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The Opinion


My work with =SPACE has and will always be focused on creating an inclusive environment that provides access and resources for my community, for multicultural founders, women ventures and LGBT enterprises. I put my energy and funds into the most talent-rich and under-betted, I see opportunity in urban cities with people who just need the opportunity to grow and show their ideas.

Check out this amazing article written by our interim CEO Akosua Ayim

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The Little Mermaid

Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 8.24.52 PM

Diseny has announced its amazing lead actress for The Little Mermaid live action feature, Halle Bailey will play Ariel, leading to a huge reaction from people.

Im lending my voice to the argument and I am so in support of this decision, Halle is vocally talented and a beautiful young actress with the energy and charisma to take on the role.

She also, is not a stranger to the Disney company playing Sky Foster on Grownish and her amazing track with sister Chloe on the soundtrack for Disney’s “A Wrinkle In Time”.

She is going to be a great force in this production and more, young girls of color will be able to see themselves in this timeless classic for years to come.

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