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Justice for Ashley Moore

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The moment I heard about Ashley Moore and the questions surrounding her death began, it created a combination of anger and horror within me. A weak moment of denial that it could not be,  another of my trans sisters is gone and swept under the rug, but that is exactly what happened.

The details surrounding the incident is just seeing the light of day, as Ashley was taken from us in April. In April, a clear 4 months ago when her mother Starlet Carbin discovered the loss of her daughter through social media. Then months later, after frequent requests and reaching out to everyone, she would receive a police report and conflicting reports as to what happened to her child.

Immediately my thought was to reach out to Beatrice Simpkins, the Executive Director of the Newark LGBTQ Community Center, who has been pushing to support and find justice for Ashley and her mother. On connecting with Beatrice, it became evident how much she was doing and how much more we needed to do in support of her efforts. I then reached out to all of the LGBTQIA leaders in my city of Newark. All were shocked. All were just finding out. And all of them were ready to rally around Beatrice and Starlet.

Why do we have to rally?

Transwomen of color disappear every day in America and around the world, suffering countless injustices and brutalities, our trans community is being turned away from police and murdered with nowhere to go and no one to turn to in the system.

In 2019, at least 25 transgender or gender non-conforming people were fatally shot or killed by other violent means.* 

According to

So, we have to protest and advocate, rally, and decry publicly the treatment of the most vulnerable of us.

Some Facts

  • The incident occurred in April and the report came months later and has just gained public awareness now in August.
  • Her body was found in front of the Newark YMWCA where she was in fact staying as a place of residence.
  • There has been a clear mishandling of the case and conflicting reports on the cause of death and the circumstances surrounding her death.
  • Ashley Moore was also misgendered in her obituary and in the police report.


Misgendering far too many transgender and gender non-conforming victims of fatal violence are misgendered after death. Since 2013, at least 80% of all victims have been clearly misgendered by the media or by law enforcement. While this misgendering is extremely disrespectful, it also impedes investigations and data collection. It is imperative that media and law enforcement work to treat victims of anti-transgender violence with the dignity and respect they deserve.


Ashley matters, and finding some justice in this horrid case matters, too.


The Rallying Cry

1. A real investigation into the death of Ashley Moore

2. Protections and transparency on how the city of Newark will handle cases like this in the future.

3. A statement from our Newark elected officials decrying the violence of our Trans community and actions to provide relief and support of our community.

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Out Magazine

Donate to the cause

We held meetings and came together as the LGBTQIA community to support each other, to advocate and protect one another and in the end that is all we have. There will never be a happy ending here, there can only be the shared truth and grief that we have lost a member of the community.

Stay tuned as the initiatives and updates come to light.

Ashley Moore was treated as if she didn’t matter.

As if Black lives DON’T matter.

They Matter and we will rally to make sure they know that

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Goya Gone


It is unconscionable to me that today, as so many of the multicultural majority are being attacked, their liberties ripped from them and their lives being taken, that any private sector head would endorse the leader of this “free” country.

But, here we are champs, having to watch as the leader of an anchor company in our daily lives, has chosen to take the company and associate it with a person that has attacked our community in ways that we can only feel as disrespected. No CEO should feel empowered to speak for an entire people.

It is the disillusionment of the wealthy to see-through rose-colored glasses that we are all well. That Latinidad is flourishing and should be grateful for the current climate. So instead of just an op-ed on the injustice, I will share the faces of the real, everyday life of our community.

Here are some facts.

An attack on Immigrants

Hispanics who are immigrants themselves or have immigrant parents are more likely than U.S.-born Hispanics to say they worry about deportation. Fully two-thirds (66%) of immigrant Hispanics say they worry about deportation, compared with 43% of those who were born in the U.S. The share rises to 78% among those who are likely unauthorized immigrants – that is, they are not U.S. citizens and they do not have a green card.


 Children ripped from their families

You don’t need to be an expert in child development to know how critical the relationship between a child and their parent or guardian is for a child’s healthy development. Parental loss and separation have long term and devastating impacts on children even as they progress into adulthood. Healthy child development is impossible when children are violently separated from their families and placed in detention centers devoid of the care, attention, and love that all children need and deserve. As trauma experts and child care providers learn more about the long-term impacts of childhood trauma and “adverse childhood experiences,” putting children through stress anywhere near this level becomes impossible to justify.


Trump is a lightning rod for violence against the Latino community

The fear and anger has been especially acute in the era of President Trump, who five years ago announced his candidacy by calling Mexicans rapists and criminals. The suspect in the deadliest anti-Latino attack in modern American history, in El Paso last year, used similar language in his manifesto.


The loss of employment for Hispanic men has been real.

Unemployment among Hispanics has risen to 18.9 percent. More than one in five Hispanic men have either lost their jobs or seen their hours reduced.

The Hate Speech Against The Mexican Community

Trump has made varying degrees of disparaging remarks on not only Mexican Americans but the whole of Mexico.

Nathalie Rayes, Latino Victory Fund president and CEO stated, “Trump is a racist demagogue who called Mexicans ‘rapists’ and ‘criminals’ and, to this day, continues to promote hateful rhetoric and policies that harm the Latino community,”


The CEO of Goya is living in a disillusioned world of wealth, to use his position at Goya to make statements at the White House and of which he has chosen to move out of the realms of a private corporate leader and into the political arena, removing the best interests of Goya consumers and into his own personal agenda.

Goya has aligned itself with the ideals of a White House that is attacking the Latino community. We can no longer put our hard-earned dollars into a company that allows him to do so. Goya, you need to distance yourself from Robert Unanue, if you do not then you have sent a clear and decisive message to your audience, and it will be in our prerogative to send our own message to you and boycott your products.

Some wonderful brands you can use as an alternative to Goya:

Badia Spices

Conchita Foods

Iberia Foods


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The Opportunity Grant Info Sessions for NJ EDA


I am so proud to work for the equity and inclusion of multicultural, LGBTQ+, and women-owned businesses. We are doing everything we can to bring you all of the information and resources to equip you for a successful application. Take advantage of the $50M, $15M of which have been reserved for businesses in Opportunity Zone-eligible census tracts, the @NJEDA has set aside for phase 02 of the Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program. Click the link in my bio to find out if you’re eligible. Applications go live on June 9th, so don’t wait! Have questions? Ask me!

This is a quick list of all the events going on to prepare you for the application which opens Tuesday, June 9th!


LGBTQIA x EDA Webinar 

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST

Registration: HERE

Statewide Hispanic Chamber x EDA Webinar

5:00 – 6:00 PM EST

Registration: HERE

Prospect Park x EDA Webinar

6:00 – 7:00 PM EST



Port Authority x EDA Webinar

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EST


NJ/NY MSDC x EDA Webinar

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST


Newark Alliance x EDA Webinar 

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST

Registration: HERE


Montclair Center BID x EDA Webinar

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EST


Meeting ID: 839 7573 0814

A Conversation with NJEDA CEO Tim Sullivan and Senator Cory Booker


The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) recently announced $50 million in new funding and broader eligibility criteria for the Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program. Under the newly-expanded program, which will provide grants up to $10,000 for COVID-impacted businesses, a wider variety of businesses will now be eligible, including home-based businesses and sole proprietorships. The program will also feature a special focus on businesses in Opportunity Zone-eligible census tracts. The New Jersey Business & Industry Association, the New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce, and the Commerce & Industry Association of New Jersey are partnering for a special webinar conversation with NJEDA CEO Tim Sullivan and Senator Cory Booker. Our goal is to provide valuable insight to the expanded grant program.

Register Here

Town Hall with the NJ Latino Legislative Caucus on Small Business Grant COVID-19 with NJEDA


6:00 pm
Register HERE

Monday, June 8th

Diversity Town Hall with NJEDA


Register Here

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Tune in Thursdays With Janetza Miranda

thumbnail_image1 copy

In response to COVID19, my sharespace =SPACE partnered with an amazing organization Newark Downtown District to create a mini-concert series for Newark based performers. Our city has amazing performers who are unable to practice their craft and earn their livelihoods.

Each Thursday an amazing performer does an acoustic set and we tune in and through a virtual tip jar we send our support. The first performance was by Janetza Miranda!

About Janetza

Hailing from Newark, NJ Janétza Miranda’s work is inspired by her Puerto Rican roots, her voice projecting a vibrant range of colours inspired by the sounds of Jazz, Blues, Boleros, Plena y Bomba, & Flamenco.

Janétza fuses the music that inspires her; her favourite songs of today and the past. You can find her performing on her classical Spanish guitar, mixing covers and originals.

She has appeared on NBC’s “The Voice”, performed in the Americando Expo in Milan, Italy & continues to tour around the world.

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The Creative

Link Love


This is what I’m falling for on the internets and I just want to share with you Champs.

1. Fashion

GQ does an amazing job covering the fashion legacy of Little Richard, the architect of Rock n Roll and sensational performer.

Read More

2. Design

TAOA, led by architect Tao Lei, designed a home with varying layers of transparent materials, allowing you to take in the breathtaking views.

Take a look

3. Business

It is all about the visual platforms and according to Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini “Every trend that you’re seeing is originating on TikTok.. Read more about the future of social and sports on Business Insider

Take a read Champs

4. Tech

File under “What in the…” Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla is reopening his car factory in defiance of the stay at home order according to the Verge.

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5. Music

On May 9th the living legends in a versus battle were Erykah Badu & Jill Scott , it was everything I needed and more, check out’s coverage of each round. In my opinion it wasn’t about winning, it was about coming together.

Get The Play by Play

6. Culture

The Culture lost a titan with the passing of Andre Harrell, Denene Millner, writes about the man, the connector and force on BET. This is the man who brought you Jodeci, Mary J Blige, who had a young intern turned living legend, Diddy. Take a moment to read more about a pioneer in the industry.

Read About the Legacy

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OBSESSED with these 3 creatives take on masks


The beautiful part of being a creative is that in my daily life I encounter some of the most innovative minds, in all industries, the arts, fashion, tech, business, and finance. They become my friends and inspiration through the work they do.

So as we are all in the midst of a pandemic some of my amazing people have used their creativity to create these beautiful pieces.

Lynette Lashawn of Off The Hangar

Lynette is all things fashionable, her style and decor studio is an anchor for the fashion community in my city of Newark. She and I have collaborated, laughed, and seen some amazing style moments. What I love is how Lynette always brings communities together through fashion. In response to COVID19, she recently crafted a beautiful set of masks, combining fashion and form in sets that we can all get into.

What I applaud is the infusion of personal style and creativity into this protective layer we need to use now. She is a muse on the streets and behind the runway lights, I have seen her command multiple designers and models to create some beautiful fashion moments.

You need to look at the beautifully curated collection of Off The Hangar
Get in the know on Lynette’s Social

Melissa Mitchell

I was able to connect with this art powerhouse through her work in combining her artistic talent into pieces that were true showstoppers. This amazing Atlanta based sister has no fear of pattern and color, she creates emotions through her one of a kind pieces.

Melissa brings our culture into the narrative of her work, it serves to empower women and men alike. I long admired her work with Spanx and she brought her vision to us with her designs of masks and headpieces.

“Art has single-handedly changed my life and the way I live it. It is like love, you make it what you want. It makes you feel things you can’t always describe; so you’re left to just relish in the beauty of it.”

Melissa Mitchell

Most recently Melissa has launched a beautiful piece Color and Manifest, allowing you to channel your dreams.

Learn more on
Find Melissa At @AbeilleCreations

ANĒ Clothier

Anita Dickens is someone who walks into a room and has a personal style and presence most people playoff having on social media. For me she is a walking editorial and what makes her more arresting is she is completely being natural. That kind of energy is infused into the ANĒ BRAND.

“ANĒ CLOTHIER is a Luxury Lifestyle brand located in Newark, New Jersey. We specialize in custom elements and ready to wear garments from upcycled military uniforms to premium denim shirts, trousers, kimonos and more. We believe that clothing should be tailored to fit, and you should feel confident in what you wear. These elements and influences come together to create a label like no other.” Via the site

Take a moment to look at the entire line by ANĒ CLOTHIER
You need to follow Anita

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The Life

Pedro “Peter” J. Pozo Jimenez


The way I’ll always remember him.

In Newark, if you know the right people, the stylish and tastemakers of the city, they will take you to a place out of a Gatesby novel. You will walk into a hidden garden overflowing with flowers and laughter.

Gorgeous women and men will nod and bid you welcome as you walk into a richly appointed salon.

The sound of music and singing will merge seamlessly with the laughter of men and the sound of lighters. The air will smell sweet and smoke will wisp through the air mingling with the perfume of some of the most influential women in the city of Newark.

Walking deeper into this space, the bar will appear magically with a sartorial bartender behind it, will tempt you with all kinds of specialty cocktails. He’ll wink and you’ll have committed to a brand-new experience in liquor.

There is a dark glamour to this establishment. The elite, the politicians and artist are all mingling in it and the energy there is on another level.

As you scan the room more, you will see a man, dressed to the nines and smiling so easily and readily to all who enter the space.

The man in the dark suit with a cocktail in hand is one of the gracious owners of Jimenez, a family business of proud Cuban heritage. Peter is a friend to all, an unparalleled curator of everything fine. They do not make men like Peter anymore. He is the rare breed of gentleman you only read about in books or see in classic silver screen movies.

The charm you are witnessing my friend, the charm is something to aspire to. He holds people in confidence in such an easy way. You were always his friend.

He sits on the steps of the family business and gives laughter and dispenses wisdom, while a band performs an amazing song in the back room. And that is what you are looking at a king of the city, being manganous in his kingdom.

On April 30th Newark lost a legend, there is no goodbye in me. I will just keep the visual I have seen year after year of Peter laughing and putting his arm around another guest of the house. I will continue to smell the sweet smoke of the famous Jimenez cigars, the sound of clinking glasses and the music that always plays into the night.

The password is and always will be Jimenez

To plant a beautiful memorial tree in memory of Pedro J. Pozo, please visit our Tribute Store.

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The Advocate



I wrote about Leon and the importance of these stories previously, I was truly excited when =SPACE and BREAKOUT partnered to Livestream the amazing short in totality.

LEON the film centers around Leon Ford’s lifetime mental health journey growing up in Pittsburgh. From his run for city council in 2019, the police brutality he suffered in 2012, to the power of therapy.

With May being Mental Health month + all the trauma being caused by COVID-19, this film is more important and timely than we could have imagined.

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The Style

STYLE STORIES: Cultural Founder


I came off a call with my amazing publicist Tequilla White and the request was really clear, imagery that showed me as the founder of =SPACE.

Up until now many of my images were styled shoots with photographers I respected but the aim was to collaborate and create a fashion editorial story. It was always a personal narrative and form of expression for me.

Fashion has been the way to tell my story without saying a word. My looks have been my sword and shield when going into spaces.


Sitting down to create a shoot that spoke to the principles and mission of my company was a very different experience.

The creative direction had to:

  • Create a sense of leadership
  • Maintain my cultural heritage
  • celebrate multicultural leadership
  • Keep it real and authentic to my approach to business while maintaining professional standards
  • Make sure Oprah would approve

The interesting part of the process was that I felt uncomfortable trying to water down my identity to fit into mainstream media, Tequilla counseled me that it wasn’t about homogenizing as much as it was about controlling the narrative. If I was going to be on the pages of Forbes or Black Enterprise, I need to command the image and be seen as a leader.

This led to me connecting with an amazing photographer, Chantel who has a keen eye for bringing the best out in her models. When Chantel plans the shoot she knows the goal and target media outlets, and she brings you into the shot.

We had a really amazing time at multiple venues, the first being Blueprint Cafe, which is one of my favorite spots, and Carole is such an amazing owner! We then ran over to The Studios at =SPACE, which boasts podcast studio, shooting spaces, and a multimedia suite.

About Chantel

I am a creative director, fashion and portrait photographer based in the NY/NJ area.

Available for events, engagements, maternity, lifestyle shoots, and photo campaigns. Small weddings such as a courthouse or under 60 guests are also my speed.


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The Life

39 in 39 words

Cover copy

I have hit a marker in my life. The end of my 30’s, this is my final year 39, and by the wisdom of my close friends it is supposed to be, a year of movement, decisions and coming into my power. So I challenged myself to write my mission for 39 in 39 words. Hope you like it!

Thirty-nine, make decisions that put my life above my work and my purpose into my life. Create memories with people above all, and place personal fulfillment at the forefront of my priorities to bring my best self into everything.

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