The Life

Pedro “Peter” J. Pozo Jimenez


The way I’ll always remember him.

In Newark, if you know the right people, the stylish and tastemakers of the city, they will take you to a place out of a Gatesby novel. You will walk into a hidden garden overflowing with flowers and laughter.

Gorgeous women and men will nod and bid you welcome as you walk into a richly appointed salon.

The sound of music and singing will merge seamlessly with the laughter of men and the sound of lighters. The air will smell sweet and smoke will wisp through the air mingling with the perfume of some of the most influential women in the city of Newark.

Walking deeper into this space, the bar will appear magically with a sartorial bartender behind it, will tempt you with all kinds of specialty cocktails. He’ll wink and you’ll have committed to a brand-new experience in liquor.

There is a dark glamour to this establishment. The elite, the politicians and artist are all mingling in it and the energy there is on another level.

As you scan the room more, you will see a man, dressed to the nines and smiling so easily and readily to all who enter the space.

The man in the dark suit with a cocktail in hand is one of the gracious owners of Jimenez, a family business of proud Cuban heritage. Peter is a friend to all, an unparalleled curator of everything fine. They do not make men like Peter anymore. He is the rare breed of gentleman you only read about in books or see in classic silver screen movies.

The charm you are witnessing my friend, the charm is something to aspire to. He holds people in confidence in such an easy way. You were always his friend.

He sits on the steps of the family business and gives laughter and dispenses wisdom, while a band performs an amazing song in the back room. And that is what you are looking at a king of the city, being manganous in his kingdom.

On April 30th Newark lost a legend, there is no goodbye in me. I will just keep the visual I have seen year after year of Peter laughing and putting his arm around another guest of the house. I will continue to smell the sweet smoke of the famous Jimenez cigars, the sound of clinking glasses and the music that always plays into the night.

The password is and always will be Jimenez

To plant a beautiful memorial tree in memory of Pedro J. Pozo, please visit our Tribute Store.

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The Style


All shots by the amazing @pharoahrex

This would be the first time I ever shot in my own home and it was amazing to have Rex as the photographer. It was about capturing something broody and textured, to style a suit with Timberlands, which is a part of the Brooklyn Uniform. I enjoyed the entire process of composing the shots and love that my favorite Rescue Pitti, Layla Jayne made an appearance.

I like to call myself a ruffian in a suit and these shots capture that feeling.

Shot Details

Suit: Perry Ellis
Tattoo: Kirk Nilsen at Crown & Anchor Tattoo
Watch: Fossil
Tunic: Zara
Handmade Kentucky Straight Bourbon WhiskyLiquor: MakersMark

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The Speaker

A Podcast: Newark Is . .

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 8.24.21 PM copy

Truly loved my moment with Tamisha for Newark Is, if you know me then you know talking all things about my chosen city is a favorite pastime of mine. Check it out!

I Knew when coming to Newark I was going to have to earn the trust of it’s citizens.

About the Episode:

Tamisha sits down with Citi Medina, the founder of Equal Space. Medina picked up his business from Brooklyn and moved to Newark 12 years ago, and hasn’t looked back. 

Medina is a Creative Strategist and has worked in the Design & Strategy industry for over 10 years. Medina leads campaigns in an ever-immersive media world, driven by demanding multicultural millennial audiences. His passion for strategy and design led to the creation of MEDINA = CITI, a design collective, which delves into the worlds of Print Design, Web Design, Multimedia, Film Production, Photography, Ongoing/Contributing Marketing Strategies and Social Media campaigns. MEDINA’s tireless passion for entrepreneurship and technology has led to his founding of a Sharespace & Incubator facility in Newark, New Jersey called = SPACE (, a unique co-working space for financial tech, securities tech and large media platforms, which focuses on founders of color, LGBT-led startups and women ventures.

Hear about his co-working space and everything else he’s working on around the city and check him and his company out around the web! @citimedina @equalspaceco

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To Newark, With Love. From Newark, With Love

From Newark, With Love Michael Steadman Ironbound Boxing


Walking through downtown Newark, on my way to visit Michael Steadman, founder of Ironbound Boxing, Veteran and Newark Champion, I couldn’t help but think how many people exist in this city doing work they are passionate about and then translating that passion into impact for their community.

Michael is a shining example of what we can do when we put our mind to it! It is evident even in his email signatures which has the quote “The difficult we do immediately, the impossible takes a little longer.”-Unknown. Michael is the founder of Ironbound Boxing, a wellness initiative that has created corporate health experience for the likes of Spotify, WeWork and Everlast.

Michael is able to create an intense and focused experience because of his background as a Marine Veteran and all the tools he acquired at Stanford.

When we linked up, it was immediate that we had a love of Newark and also our youth. You see, that’s the beauty of what Michael does through Ironbound Boxing on the corporate level, it allows him the resources to impact the youth of Newark by instilling in them the discipline and giving them an outlet that the boxing world provides! Mike gives his all to the work, reading constantly, pushing himself and breaking down boundaries he wants to demolish.

Ironbound is not just a facility, it’s a culture and bonding space for young people who need to let out their energy. Their mission is front and center throughout the space and every time Mike steps through the door.


What makes me proud walking through the space is the energy of everyone giving their all to the moment. Nodding at Mike and looking to the trainers in the space for critique and compliment with the same level of enthusiasm. Whether it is a corporate team or the young person in the ring, “everyone needs a coach” Mike says and I think he is right, I am just happy that our coach is right here in Newark.

To Book Mike for a Tour or to understand more of his corporate services Reach out:

Mike Steadman
Founder & CEO IRONBOUND Boxing

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TechnologyThe Entrepreneur

Digital Business Cards


Ok Champs, in this fast-moving world, going from event to event, flying out and making connections, we are always on the go and we never want to miss a moment of connecting to potential collaborators, or clients.

Those moments require us to be prepared with the quintessential asset, a business card, but there is often that dreaded moment when you are on fire and networking your ass off and then you run out of your business card, we can use digital business cards to still make that connection!

A digital business card is just a way for you to connect with more people, in a single simple interface, it also allows you to build your Client Relationship Management database or C.R.M ( ill do a post about CRM’s later)

Let me share some of the platforms I enjoyed:

L Card


This platform not only allows you to build an e-card to send via text, email, QR code

Also, you can scan cards you engage and build a database, where you can even group by the event or conference.



Love this platform because it is hyper-visual!

You don’t have to have the app to receive the card.

This platform is especially great because it also allows your company to have a uniform digital card to share too! All with a consistent template and brand!


So Switchit has a really great set of features, of course, you can build your card, and you can adopt it for your whole company.

It also has a free version which is great if you are starting on a budget.

The real key feature here is the ability to add video and content to those that receive the card from you, it also doesn’t make the recipient beholden to using the app, they can still see all the content.

Ok champs, these are the three platforms that I played around with, but if you have any others let me know! I just think it’s a great option to have a digital go to when you are networking, just in case you run out of your paper cards or you forget your cards at home, It happens to the best of us, but we never forget our phones!

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The Style


STYLE STORIES. Missing those New Orleans mornings. Where the days are sweeter and the people sweeter. #nola At the head of the table. Period. #nola The look
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Study Abroad


I often tell students in my Design courses at Rutgers that design is a global conversation, that there is a wealth of beautiful and engaging communities across the world that they should immerse themselves in.

This is why I particularly love the article by Creative Bloq, it shows the various ways you can travel abroad and take course work through visas, but even if this is not the choice for you just making sure while you travel to collect print pieces, look at the brands of shops and restaurants you visit, pick up a publication from your local bookshop in design or typography.

By exposing yourself to the aesthetic of the area you only add more richness to your perspective and add tools to your arsenal.

For me next up is taking in some work in New Orleans for a quick visit, Ill be sure to share soon.

For More Read the amazing CreativeBloq post

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