The Style



STYLE STORIES. Missing those New Orleans mornings. Where the days are sweeter and the people sweeter. #nola

At the head of the table. Period. #nola

The look was inspired by that Pitti Uomo style of dressing. There is always something in me that loves a sartorial moment but with my urban blend. Oh and yellow pants. That’s a first there.

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The Style

Style Story


What I love most about Style, is the capacity to infuse your cultural identity into the visual.

The Pieces in this Style Story are some of my Favorites period!

My sweatshirt is via Ané purchased at Off The Hanger, in my City of Newark.

The Collars were a purchase from Urban Collars

Hat was via Nordister I legit have five hats from them and they never dissapoint.

The Cuff, I found this at a market helmed by Interior Design guru and friend Neffi Walker, its JoyFashionFinds , tell her Medina sent you.

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The Creative

Crayola turning kid’s drawings into stuffed toys


A company called The Art Giant launched a program called Crayola Imaginables. This program allows your child’s drawing to be transformed into a plush toy. It’s as easy as uploading a picture, via email or text, and paying a fee. The toys are handcrafted and made to resemble the picture as much as possible. Wait several weeks and your child’s art will be their new cuddle buddy.

To read more about this program, click here.

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